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Title: An Untamed State
Author: Roxane Gay
Publisher: Grove Press, Black Cat
Publication Date: 2014

Wow! Wow! Just Wow!
Just completed this book… well I should say that I just started and finished this book today!! I couldn’t put it down. I was captivated, engrossed and filled with a sea of emotion!

I felt the fear, the anger, the hope, the relief. I cried the tears… because I was scared, upset, happy or even relieved for the main character. I held out hope, lost hope, then found it again.
I prayed for her. I felt for her.  

This fictional novel follows a young Haitian-American woman who is kidnapped from her family home in Port Au Prince, Haiti, while on vacation. The story follows her experiences throughout the ordeal, including flashbacks of what makes her and her family what they are.  This fictional book felt nothing like fiction. It felt real. It may even be too graphic for some people. It could have happened to someone… to anyone. And I realise that, for the most part, I’m not alone in feeling this. With an average 4.07/5 star rating on GoodReads.com, you can view the mix of reviews here:

Side Note: I heard about & bought this book because I wanted to join a local Book Club here in Trinidad. I’ve always wanted to be part of a Book Club so I finally got the courage to reach out to them and this is their book choice for April. The Book Club meets next week and I’ll admit, I’m a little nervous… very nervous  🙈. But I’m sure it will be fine… Right?

(I’ll let you guys know how it goes)


DATE: Wednesday 24th April, 2019

I just came back from attending the Book Club I mentioned above… Yes, I still went. Yes, I actually got OUT of the car lol.  And everything was fine. Everyone was welcoming, open minded and full of discussion… and people! I even had the courage to input my two cents about how this book made me feel etc.!  Woohoo!! lol. 

The Book Club was hosted by Cindy from Book of Cinz. She seemed just like her online persona: kind, friendly, funny, outgoing… and lead our group with such ease, encouraging our discussions in all directions. I’m so glad that I had the courage to reach out to them. Yay!

Now! On to the next read!

Have you ever read The Untamed State, by Roxane Gay? 
What are your thoughts?