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Growing up in the Caribbean, having an experience with snow is definitely not something that is expected… after all, people visit here mainly to escape the cold weather! This experience is not something that most of us have had – unless you get the opportunity to travel to make that happen… AND to be perfectly honest, it’s not something that was very high on any of my travel lists..

Growing up with International parents, many seem surprised when I would say that that I’ve never experienced snow or really seen it. Never had the opportunity to enjoy or even play in snow. Oh yes, apparently when I was circa 6-months old, there are pictures of me in the snow with my Granddad in England, but of course I don’t remember that. And then there was that time when we visited the snow-capped Alps in Switzerland during the Summer months, where we stopped on the side off the road to see what snow was, but don’t really consider that either… would you?

But the first official time that I ‘saw’ snow or the first time I saw it falling, has to be that time when I ‘ran away’ to Houston, Texas for the weekend via Atlanta, Georgia (I was trying to take advantage of a real cheap flight, so opted for a connecting flight lol) and ended up being stuck in ATL airport due to a snow storm!

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Although my time visiting Houston was severely decreased and the travellers around me in the airport were all bothered and distressed about the delays (yes, all the flights were grounded and delayed), I sat there looking out the window with such excitements, watching and taking it all in as what I consider my first experience with snow.

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Even when we finally boarded the plane, most of us weren’t sure if we’d actually be taking off…

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But we finally did… with about an 8-hour delay… filled with excitements that I got to see the snow falling for the first time and somewhat experience a snow storm!

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I know, I know, it’s not the real experience, but at least I can say it happened! 😀  AND, really experiencing snow (even if only once) has now been added to my future travel experience list.

It did have a lesson in all of this, though: I learnt that (for future) if travelling abroad for a short or weekend trip, when the options of direct flights are available, even though it may be a couple more bucks extra, choose those options instead! I still enjoy the memory of this experience, but I lost “time” and spending it with my goddaughter for her birthday and my best friend, which I was so looking forward too. In the end, we really tried making up for the lost time, the weekend still turned out great 🙂 🙂

This was a new experience for me, but I’m sure you all have your own
snow storm travel adventures!
Please share them in the comments below!