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I looked up this week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge theme and decided that I wanted to share the following:

The theme is something “Rare” and for me this action is rare AND I’m really excited to share 😀  This year we had the opportunity to visit Haifa, Israel again… and to visit one of my favourite places, the Shrine of the Báb, sitting high up on Mount Carmel, surrounded by its beautiful, well-kept gardens, overlooking the Haifa Bay.

During this recent visit, I finally got up the courage to take this photograph:

Ben Gurion Avenue, Haifa Israel, looking up at the Baha'i Gardens

Ben Gurion Avenue, Haifa Israel, looking up at the Baha’i Gardens

Now the photograph itself is not a rare one… I’ve seen persons share it online before me and I’m sure people will share after me… but standing in the middle of the road with oncoming traffic on both sides of me, this capture is something I’m not only excited that I did, but I’m very happy that I did not get into trouble with the authorities. Yes I got a warning from the local police, in the local language, mind you (just after I got my shot) and I fully understand why now..

Let’s paint the picture: the main road is a two-way carriage way, with restaurants lined on both sided. In the middle of the roadway is say a 5-foot median, made of the beautiful stones of the sidewalks along this carriage-way.

On evenings especially, the restaurants are filled. Patrons park along the roadway (making the 2-lanes become one) therefore also increasing the traffic, aka decreasing the flow of cars. Although there are pedestrian walkways and crossing lights, everyone seems to be crossing along this roadway. The bigger vehicles (for example the regular local buses) maneuver through the roads, using the median as a make-up road when the roads are lined with parked cars.

Enter me, who in my all-of-a-sudden surge of courage, decide that, while waiting to order my dinner for the night, I’ll attempt to capture these beautiful Gardens in their entirety. And THEN, after the bill has been paid, I am once again drawn to capture this same subject…

Ben Gurion Avenue, Haifa Israel, looking up at the Baha'i Gardens

Ben Gurion Avenue, Haifa Israel, looking up at the Baha’i Gardens

For the record, I do not encourage anyone to walk into ongoing traffic, to stand in the median to take the photograph. I do understand why the local police told me to move from my location and I am very glad they did when they did (as moments after I witnessed a bus and its beautiful tactics to continue along its journey) but I can’t help but feel very excited that I got this capture of one of my favourite places, that I never thought I’d have the courage to  😀

Here’s a clearer capture of the Gardens at night:

The Baha'i Gardens, Haifa Israel

The Baha’i Gardens at night, Haifa Israel

A rare (and exciting) moment for me indeed 🙂 🙂


(press publish and then let go)