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“Triumph comes in all shapes and sizes… what does [it] mean to you?” These were the instructions on this final day of the Daily Post, Blogging U. – Photography 101. 

I started this challenge four (4) weeks ago with the following disclaimer: 

I’ve decided to add another challenge in the mix this month; not only to help me practice with my new gift, my new camera, but also to have some fun. 

The challenge is through The Daily Post, Blogging U. – Photography 101.
Let’s see how this goes! 🙂

I am happy to report that, as now on Day 20 [main challenges not on weekends], I have completed this oh-so-fun activity 😀  Yes, some shared photographs were pulled from the archives but all were taken by me, at one point or another 🙂 🙂

I’ve taken this opportunity to continue to learn more about this new camera… and I am getting more comfortable with my new gift as the days go by… not to say my previous cameras were not perfect-to-me [see archival photographs] but I am very happy with my new choice 😀 


Triumph in recent photography to me is the patience to wait; to observe and then be able to capture THE shot.

For example this photograph previously shared, taken on the ‘Red Eye Flight’ back home [see others from the flight here]:


I was so excited to be awake at that exact moment, to be able to capture this fire in the sky 😀


Another ‘triumph’ in recent times was this photograph… I waited patiently… timing the moment, which is a lot of what the art of photography is about: 

That single drop... every little counts :)

That single drop… every little counts

(1/4000   f/9   ISO:1250   140mm)

As you can probably tell, there are no applied filters here. I may have not got the settings right, but I am still really happy about this one! 😀

Plus! It still meets the theme, does it not? 😉

What are some of the Triumphs in your life?
Share with us in the comments below 🙂