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Day 19: DOUBLE

During one of our explorations in Nicaragua, we stopped to stretch our legs on the outskirts of Lake Managua. In the foreground we see the main island in this lake, Momotombito Island, which also contains a stratovolvano, Volcán Momotombito, with its highest point as 350m (1,148ft) above sea level. It is considered the younger brother to Volcán Momotombo, seen in the background, situated on the mainland. Volcán Momotombo, also a stratovolcano, with a height of 1280m (4,199ft) above sea level, almost 4 times in height! Because of our position and location or even our point of view, while taking the photograph, the height difference doesn’t seem as drastic.

Volcán Momotombo and Volcán Momotombito

Volcán Momotombo and Volcán Momotombito

After being dormant for over 100 years, Volcán Momotombo recently became active again, and began a series eruptions consisting of ash, gas and lava. 


[This aerial photograph seen below, taken from the Nicaragua Tourism Website, shows a more realistic size comparison of these two ‘sibling’ volcanoes! 🙂 ]


Nicaragua Tourism Site: Volcan Momotombito and Volcan Momotombo

Guess it really does depend on your point of view 😉



Have you ever visited the beautiful country of Nicaragua?