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I’ve previously mentioned that Nature is my Muse. It’s what I’m drawn to… it’s all around… all you have to do it take the time; to look, to see… which I know at the end of the day, the “time” factor may be the real excuse… but trust me, the beauty is there…

I took a drive around today to try to capture some moments that would keep with today’s theme and tip: the “Natural World & Leading Lines“.

Let me know what you think 😉

Standing Tall

Standing Tall

(1/250   f/8   ISO:100   15mm)



(1/250   f/8   ISO:100   15mm)



Don’t Forget to Look Up…

(1/500   f/11   ISO:320   26mm)


Also, last May I shared the following photograph as part of the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge theme “Enveloped” and it seems fitting enough to share again 🙂


The Staircase To…

I’ve decided to add another challenge in the mix this month; not only to help me practice with my new gift, my new camera, but also to have some fun. 

The challenge is through The Daily Post, Blogging U. – Photography 101.

Take a moment to step outside and enjoy your surroundings, no matter where you may be today…
Share with us the Beauty in your Natural World?