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Day 7: BIG

Growing up, one of the places we’d visit on our sister Isle of Tobago, was Fort King George. As a child, I’m not sure how much of the history I was really interested in, but it was more for the views, the cannons lining the main boundary and the ‘stories’ we used to hear when we visited… and of course, sites like this:

Size Comparison

Size Comparison

Taken some years ago this tree, with its base rooted some feet further down the hillside, has been a staple whenever we visit here. With admiration, we looked up and enjoy the power of this tree overshadowing us. Here a friend is standing, basically showing the size comparison of how BIG the tree is… [This is as far back as I could get on the roadway at the time, to be able to capture the width and height of this beauty 🙂 ]

NOTE TO SELF: Visit SOON and retake this view 😀

The history of course, means something to me now… Located on Scarborough Hill, in Scarborough, Tobago, constructed in the 1770’s and in use until the 1850’s, this fort provided views of the South of the island, warning of unwanted intruders and therefore able to protect the capital city. 

Today, it hosts the Tobago Museum in Scarborough as well as the beautiful views of the coastline.

I’ve decided to add another challenge in the mix this month; not only to help me practice with my new gift, my new camera, but also to have some fun. 

The challenge is through The Daily Post, Blogging U. – Photography 101.