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Day 6: Connect

So! I’m not very good with the editing softwares out there (yet)… and there have been so many times that I’ve felt that I captured that “perfect shot”… only to find out that once I reviewed the photograph, all I seem to notice is the electrical and telephone wires in the photograph… sigh…

So this time, I decided to focus on THESE things that connect us. These are are our everyday luxuries… that some of us take so much for granted.

Yes, I’m trying to put a positive twist on this, *lol*

Overhead Connection

Overhead Connection

I’ve decided to add another challenge in the mix this month; not only to help me practice with my new gift, my new camera, but also to have some fun. 

The challenge is through The Daily Post, Blogging U. – Photography 101.

What Connects you in Your Everyday Life?