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I’ve decided to add another challenge to the mix this month; not only to help me practice with my new gift, my new camera, but also to have some fun. 

The challenge is through The Daily Post, Blogging U. – Photography 101.
Let’s see how this goes! 😀

Day 2:  STREET

Today’s prompt was to “wander around and capture a street” and I decided why not?! So! during the assigned lunchtime period, armed with camera in hand, I decided to “wander around” (a.k.a. drive) and explore… which got me to this point… so quiet and serene… and usually more luscious looking than this, depending on the time of year…


(1/1250   f/14   ISO:1250   40mm)



(1/1250   f/14   ISO:1250   18mm)



(1/2000   f/14   ISO:1250   32mm)

What streets did you visit today?