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In about one (1) week I will be travelling with my mom on a dream vacation. We will be joining her Art Group who every year, come together to organise, to visit and experience somewhere new. Every year my mom says she wants to join them, but then something comes up. This year she mentioned that they were planning a tour of the beautiful South American country Peru, that she really wanted to go and then asked me to join; and who can say no to that!! 😀

I’ve mentioned previously that somehow, whenever I sign up with a tour, I feel as if I miss out on the planning aspects, which to me is part of the travel. It’s the part that the dream begins, the excitements really starts and the anticipation builds. I know it’s not that way for everyone, and maybe not even for the every trip, but I enjoy being a part of the planning stage.

Now my mom loves tours. I believe it’s more of the fact that she feels we’ll be safer in numbers, in organised groups. When I have the opportunity for solo travel, I know she worries… but that’s her. That’s what mothers do. Plus, I want to believe that she grew up in a lifestyle where when travel opportunities arose, it was the organised school tour, or friends trip, therefore tours were the option. Until she met my dad…

My dad on the other hand is like me when it comes to travel. Plan, yes, but just explore, see and experience as much as possible. Meet the locals, eat like the locals, be a local. lol. Okay, the meeting part is somewhat intimidating for me, but you get my drift.

They really are complete opposites, especially when it comes to travel.

I will say though that for me, the once-in-a-while a day-tour trip is fun and enjoyed, but the planning and research for that said tour is also as exciting. 😉

Anyways, because I haven’t been fully aware and taken the full advantage to research, I feel a little lost for this trip. I know the basics of the trip, and overall of what we’ll be doing and what to expect, but I still feel somewhat lost.

I mean, it’s only when I came home yesterday and saw my mom sifting through my dad’s (very basic/limited) winter stash, did I remember that in a week, we’ll be on our adventure!

Yes, by the way, it’ll be winter time in Peru… a.k.a. this island girl really doesn’t know what to expect for that… *sigh*

Yes, I’ve seen snow falling (while I was in an airport)… and seen snow just sitting there on the Swiss Alps, during the Summer… and yes, I’ve experienced relatively cold weather (very cold for me, ok!), and I am excited to experience a level of this chill, but honestly, I keep picturing the scene from “Cool Runnings” where they’ve just landed in Calgary, Canada and are now leaving the airport… brrrrr …  SO although I’m probably over exaggerating with all this snow talk, I’m still planning to pack a whole heap of layering clothes, lol.

But at least the excitements are back! I’ll be living this adventure soon! I had a very hard time concentrating at work today… and of course today is when everyone started asking for their updates… eek! I’m home now, so, I’m off to do a little more reading on this beautiful adventure we’ll be on soon!

I’ll keep you posted 😀


Oh, and here’s the clip I mentioned.
If you haven’t seen the movie, you really really should! 😀

(press publish, and then let go…)