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There are certain things in New York City that when you research online, read in books and talk to people, are said to be a must do! OK, there are probably millions of things on that list, but for this present trip, there were certain things that we really wanted to do, so as to be able to tick off them off the NYC Bucket list! One of these things for me, was to visit the NYC HighLine.


We arrived in the exciting “city that never sleeps” a.k.a New York City and once our luggage was ‘dropped off’, we began our adventures. Yay!!!

Up first was a visit to Chelsea Market, a first-time visit for me and which reminded me so much of England; an enclosed market with shops, snacks, food and even some Television Recording Studios (like the Food Network!!! 😀 ) that we were very excited to discover. There was also the hussle and bussle of persons either grabbing breakfast or taking a short-cut from the streets outside, or even just having a leisurely stroll through the Market.

After making our way and visiting a couple of stores, we decided on a place to have a bite to eat and then went along our way…

As we exited the Market, we looked around to decide “where to next”. As you look up [don’t forget to look up], we realised how close we were… that we were infact, already there! Woo Hoo!

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We entered the NYC HighLine from 16th Street, about a quarter (1/4) way in. From what I understand, the NYC HighLine runs from Gansevoort Street and Washington Street northwards to 34th Street, so we were pretty close to one end of this attraction.

The NYC HighLine was an old train track built in the 1930’s that upon being decommissioned in the 1980’s, a portion of it was obtained and over the course of time,  converted into a public garden and walkway. This then gave an attractive garden in the mist of the city, running parallel to the Hudson River. The distance of the NYC Highline is about 2.5 miles.


Unfortunately we didn’t get to walk the length of the tracks this time around… but next time for sure! 🙂

Here are a few of my captures from our visit to the NYC HighLine:

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Hopefully in the near future, I’ll be able to add to and update this experience 🙂

Have you ever been to the New York City Highline?
Did you ever walked the whole train track length?
Tell us about it 😀