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In the theme of breaking this procrastination cycle of mine, I’ve decided to stop putting it off, to suck it up, to be brave and to go forth in extending the social media circle for this beautiful space of mine. *covers eyes*

About a year and a half ago I opened up an Instagram account. I enjoy, and have a genuine love for photography, so I figured that this logically was the most sensible of these social media avenues if I was to expand my horizons… but I did it as a personal account and only recently linked it to this space. And even though I don’t share photos everyday, it’s definitely something I look forward to  [you can find me there at @living_life1.0, or on the right side of this page —->   🙂 ]

I’ve also had a personal Facebook page for close to 10 years now. I hesitated with opening that account, but finally got persuaded because one of my close friends from college refused to send me the photos from her visit to here, Trinidad & Tobago, as she had “already shared them all on Facebook!”… *Sigh*.. (thanks PS!! 😛 ) From there, sharing say photos, and keeping in contact with my friends and family throughout the world seemed possible… but then lives, reality and time got in the way… way too much time ..*covers eyes*.. so I needed to slow down, to not be as dependant etc.

In any case, I see many beautiful blogs and spaces linked to Facebook pages and I’ve decided to make the step and use that forum also. I opened it a little while now to try and am still trying to get the hand of things… I haven’t really gotten too far (although I haven’t really been learning / practising lol), so let’s see how that goes. You can find me here at the Living & Loving Life Facebook page.

And finally, this idea of Twitter has really taken the place by storm… I was swept up in it a (very) long time ago… but only for a very short time… and again, that personal space is not very active. But I’ve reopened, and I’m excited to see where it takes us… and to challenge myself to get to the point. lol  😉
You can find me over there at @livinglife_01

So to sum up:
Instagram:  @living_life1.0
Facebook:    https://www.facebook.com/livinglovinlife1
Twitter:       @livinglife_01

I think that’s enough ‘spreading’ for now..*lol*…  Plus, I realise that all these forums take commitment, so we’re really gonna try!!

Thank-you to my dear friends IB and VS for all your encouragements!! xoxo

Wish me luck, and meet us over there 🙂 🙂

(press publish, and then let go…)