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In exactly one (1) week, we will be touching down in the beautiful, exciting New York City (NYC). If all goes well, at 5:50 am we will touchdown and then by around 7:00 am we will be on the search for some form of transportation as our adventures begin! 😀  I am over the world excited! Super excited and yet just freaking out.

A view from the Staten Island Ferry

A view from the Staten Island Ferry

Why? Because in approximately one (1) week, one (1) day and ten (10) hours we will be heading downstairs our hotel to attend the start of our first blogger conference! SheKnows Media BlogHer’15 conference in NYC!! Wooo Hooo!!! Last year I mentioned that I was looking and researching the possibilities of attending this conference. In February we registered ourselves and booked the hotel, started seriously budgeting and subsequently started ‘tracking the flights to NYC’. Eek!

I’ve never been to one of these conferences.. to a conference like this, where different genres of bloggers come together, to learn, to share, to be a part of something… This still feels so unreal! and even though I am so so excited, every time that I start to think about it, I start freaking out!!

Why would I freak out? because this is showing such a big level of commitment from me!! I know, I know, I’ve been ‘okay’ these last months.. as in an okay level of regularity, of sharing throughout the months; of sharing me… but committing to attend?.. well, this means I’m taking a serious step to cross that bridge, to take my beloved space to another level! (Which is what I do want, but I’m still so very nervous about)… Because I still consider myself a ‘newbie’ even though I’ve attempted many different versions of blogs / diaries throughout the years… Because even while meeting and checking out other attendees blogs prior to arrival, I realise that there are so many ‘veterans’, so many successful people, so many travellers and even so many parents… and I’m scared because I’m none of these… Yes, I am me, and yes I do get the opportunity to travel once in a while, although not as much as I would like too, but I do really wish sometimes to be more like the above!

And then it’s because so many people are supposed to be in attendance.. and the thought of so many people in the same area, one or two of which I may know prior, but the oh so majority of which I have never met, some I would like to meet, some people ‘newbies’ like me, some experienced, some ‘veterans’, or some even famous, is getting me very anxious and nervous! *covers eyes*. I’m nervous because there are many people who already know each other, and have this bond and friendship, from attending previous conferences or meeting previously, and it means that I will need to pep-talk myself over and over again, to approach these potentially new friends, just to be able to say hi… 


I know it will be a great experience *thinking positively*, and I AM attending the conference with one of my fellow friends and bloggers in T&T, VernetteOutLoud, and another great friend who will be there in spirit, (although I’m still wishing for a miracle, for her to attend  :D)… So, I AM really excited for the adventures approaching, as well as to share these upcoming experiences with them, be it before, during and after the conference… 

I know that this trip will be good!

SO! Here’s to new friends and new experiences… to a whole heap of wanted / needed information and knowledge, to open minds and being brave… and to not being afraid to say hellos to these new people that I am still to meet!

Here’s to Living & Loving Life…

The countdown is ON!!! New. York. City…. here we come!!