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Week 26 of the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge is to identify the ‘subject’ that inspires you the most… to share what your MUSE is…

I think for me, the subject that I’m most drawn to is Nature as a general term… be it how overgrown shrubs may envelope a staircase, or how trees can bring shelter and shade to us, sharing with us a little of their history… their age…

Driving through Central Trinidad the other day, we came across this area which took our breath away… The first feeling was that of a somewhat enchanted forest, as the trees lined the roadways, like many places throughout our country. We drove for what seemed like kilometers (or even miles), through this natural archway. We finally had to stop to try to encapsulate this feeling… and I realise things like this, exploring and enjoying our surroundings, being able to appreciate what’s around us, is what I look forward to capturing.


Share with us Who or What is your MUSE.
Share your inspiration.