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“…If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives…” ~ Lemony Snicket, [Author] A Series of Unfortunate Events – The Ersatz Elevator

So… ummm… I’m full of excitement right now! and yet very very nervous at the same time… After months and months and months (maybe even years!) of procrastinating, a couple of weeks ago I finally made the decision to go forth, to decide WHICH ONE was a practical choice for me right now, and then to make the decision to put down a deposit on my very own, to-my-name vehicle, here in T&T.

I know, I know… commitment to a piece of land or a self owned home or even a family would be cause for more excitements, but this is still a big step for me (especially when you really get to know me)… and in any case, that’ll now be the next logical step to aim for, won’t it?

Now, I have “officially” been driving since it was legal to drive here in Trinidad (age 17)… but I’ve always been lucky to be able to use one of the parents cars. There was never a vehicle to my name alone. Well… never one here at home at least. While studying overseas, in my 4th year I finally decided to commit to and look for a used car, to help with my commute, my errands and other everyday activities. Yes while there, I lived in the dorms otherwise, so there wasn’t really a MUST for a vehicle on campus, but besides that, you see? there always seems to be a series of procrastinating events… sigh…

Even now as my parents are retired and as there always seemed to be a vehicle available, I still never saw the point of me getting a car for me. Might as well leave the dinero for some other use around the house, right? Which trust me, there always is!… but during the last couple of years, the car that was used mainly by me, always seemed to enjoy visiting with the mechanic because it just always wanted to be there!… then it’d giving me a series of headaches and even a few more grey hairs… *covers eyes*… and then those around me have constantly heard me venting: “I am done… this is the last straw… I need to buckle down and get a new car… a car for me… a safe car… I need no stress for at least 1 year… etc. etc…” yet I don’t do anything about it. THEN, I pour the money that I’ve been saving into fixing said vehicle, start to calm down with the ranting… and then continue driving said vehicle… and a couple of weeks down the line something else tends to happen and these same feelings come back to the surface and … well, as you can see it’s a whole ugly cycle!

But I finally said no to the procrastination part of my mind, and decided that for now a practical, reliable, safe car is most important, not just what’s available to me (which I think it’s time to part with anyways) or just my dream car… which come to think about it, really isn’t anyone else’s dream car… in fact, that’s also a very practical car…hmmm… but that’s another story.. for another day!

The brand and specs of the new car were finally decided upon. It was reasonably priced with the opportunity for even more cost savings and of course, with a much needed warranty (sigh)… and guess what? I finally collected it today! …*covers eyes*…

I think that I’m excited mainly because I beat the procrastination phase at least this time around, and not necessarily because of the actual car.. (does that make me strange??). Okay,  I am a little excited about the car, but it’s mainly because I have finally done what I needed to do (after so so long) and also because it was an item on the initial draft of the 30 things in 2013 challenge. Yes, it didn’t make that final list AND I remember the many excuses why, but I can still “cross it off”. FINALLY! 😀

I believe I’m also excited because I SHOULD HOPEFULLY have some piece of mind for a prolonged period of time, although I do enjoy visiting the mechanic and him being kind enough to explain over and over what went wrong that time around…etc… I’m excited that I won’t have to visit him for the ‘same issue’ any time soon! Yay!… which of course, I really hope I’m not jinxing everything right now!! *sigh*  :O

But I’m also nervous because it’s another investment that I am responsible for… and I’ll once again, need to organise myself to re-focus the budget… to decide or re-prioritize what the real needs and wants are, when it comes to my family and the home… and stick even more to this new plan… *sigh*… It also seems that everything’s happening at the same time… the plans, the travels, the expenses (both planned and unplanned) and even the unexpected stresses… they’re all happening around now… both good things and bad… and they’ll just have to be re-evaluated and catered for…*sigh*…

Anyways, let’s think positively, shall we!?! 😀
I am excited to share with you all.. so let’s believe it’s all uphill from here!
Here’s to new experiences and new memories… and a (car) stress-free upcoming year! Yay! 😀