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Today, June 19th, the 3rd Friday of June, according to this Time Money article is considered National Flip Flop Day… and of course, as some of you know… if I could live in any of my flip flops, I probably would 😀

Here’s one of my “most-fun-to-date” flip flops! that I actually got about a year ago as a souvenirs from my visit to Manaus, Brasil: the Ipanema “Sunset”, I believe it’s called… oh, the memories… 


My Ipanema Flip Flops… blurry on purpose 😉

I started on this post to participate in a fun holiday… but as I began my research it, I realised that it’s much more than that! The real awareness of this date is not really about wearing flip flops, although that’s always a fun part about it. It’s about supporting a charity and giving people hope.

The date was founded by a company in the United States called Tropical Smoothie Café. According to their website:

Every year on the third Friday in June, Tropical Smoothie Café celebrates National Flip Flop Day, when we raise funds to benefit our national charity partner, Camp Sunshine. What started as a holiday to thank our customers for their loyalty to our brand, has turned into a mission to raise money for Camp Sunshine and support children with life-threatening illnesses and their families.

The mission of Camp Sunshine, located in Maine, is as follows:

Camp Sunshine provides respite, support, joy, and hope to children with life-threatening illnesses and their immediate families from around the world through the various stages of their journeys. The year-round program is free of charge to all families, and includes 24-hour onsite medical and psychosocial support. Camp Sunshine also provides bereavement sessions for families who have lost a child to supported illnesses.

Life-threatening diseases such as ‘cancer, hematologic conditions, renal disease, systemic lupus erythematosus, and [those] who have undergone solid organ transplantation‘ are among the listing of these children and their families who attend. Persons volunteer throughout the year, and medical staff is always there to support.

There are of course, other ways to support and contribute by volunteering or monetary contributions.

You can find out more information here:

Camp Sunshine: https://www.campsunshine.org/
Volunteer at Camp Sunshine: https://www.campsunshine.org/volunteer
Donate to Camp Sunshine:  https://www.campsunshine.org/giving

I was excited about the Fun Day idea of Flip Flop Day (I mean, who wouldn’t be!) and so glad, whist writing this up, to realise that it is much more than that 😀

(stock photo)

(stock photo)