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Here in Trinidad it’s officially the start of the Rainy Season. We have two main Seasons… The Dry Season, which runs from January to May and the Wet / Rainy Season, running from June through December.

Of course with the anticipated rains comes a different set of dangers… 
Well, a small incident occurred the other day why running errands and we spent the afternoon/evening at the emergency room and then in the minor trauma section of the ER…

Everyone is okay, no worries.  Just bruised and shaken up; and been home resting safely.

But despite the long wait for everything… the necessary checks and the lets-be-sure-that-it-wasn’t-something-else checks (which of course we are very grateful that these checks and evaluations were even thought of)… despite what seemed like a very understaffed area, with minimum people dealing with maximum patients, I will say that what made everything so much easier to get through and deal with was that everyone was extremely, unexpectedly helpful and kind, patient and what seemed like genuinely nice… something I honestly didn’t expect…

We’re talking about the security guards who helped when the incident occurred; the Emergency Response personnel who responded, took us to the emergency room and stayed until the doctor did their initial evaluation; the nurses and the doctors, even during their shift change; the x-ray personnel and the persons who transported us from one department to an other, and then back again, even though they had not had the chance to have a dinner break yet; the receptionist and pharmacist and hospital security and even the cleaning assistants who were working around the clock to ensure that the area was safe and clean.

Yes it did take about 8 hours in total for us to get safely back home which I admit and agree shouldn’t have been the case, but the fact that the medical attention we got, once we actually got it, was done with a full explanation and care and patience… to make us feel less shaken and less nervous, and for that we are very grateful.

So thank you to security officer Mr. N. and your colleagues, the EMT personnel J. and P., Doctors Ch. and R., Nurses P. and B., and everyone else that we didn’t get a chance to ask for your names… thank you for your time, your efforts and your hard work.