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Yesterday I attended the memorial service, the celebration of life for Uncle L. who passed away about three months ago. It was filled with prayers for his soul, songs of joy, love and laughter. There were memories of him and stories being told; recounts of how everyone was touched by him; by his kindness and his love.

It was truly a beautiful event but of course very emotional.. tears of joys. tears of the memories. tears of love.

His whole family came together.. the first time I’ve seen some of them in decades! And it was beautiful. The love, the friendship, the atmosphere was great.

And although there are so many memories and thoughts that come to mind, I knew from before that I wanted to share my memory. Now I do know that I may not have been unique with this memory, but it was special to me. So I went determined to share my childhood memory. and when the time came to stand up and say something… I froze.

Or maybe it’s not that I froze. Because that is sooooooo normal for me when I anticipate speaking infront of crowds.. or if I have to get up there and do a speech or presentation… this feeling wasn’t like that. It didn’t feel frozen. It felt like I was just content in a way to keep my memory to myself; or even to just share it with his family, if the opportunity arose that is.. No one else needed to hear… to take this memory away from me…

Strange, huh?

Yet, I have previously shared the specific memory with you all [here it is again]… and yes that took a real good time for me to “press publish and then let go“, but I’m glad I did. I had my say. It felt good to be able to share my memory then, which as naive as it may be, is MY personal memory.

Of course there are many others… visiting us or we visiting and making us feel like home; his heartfelt assistance to my parents, getting settled into this new country that was to be their new life; his knowledge and his talks; the singing at 6am in the morning during summer camp year after year, to ensure ALL of us, both boys and girls, were up for dawn prayers. The genuine love you felt emanating from his face when he saw us, or when he saw anyone, whether they were family, close-as-family, friends, or new acquaintances… anyone, the genuine love you felt. His kindness, his concern, especially for our health and well-being… and so much more.

Anyways, it was a good day yesterday, of love, tears and laughter…

Thank-you again for everything… you’re still missed Uncle, but we know that you’re happy and blessed right now…. and continuing to make everyone around you smile.