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Maybe it really has been a while since I’ve flown with them, but my experience today with United Airlines was a good one.

From the smooth online check-in process, to the kind and polite personnel when dropping off my bag and even the enjoyable safety video that made me smile and chuckle throughout, everything went well and I say thank you πŸ˜€

When these safety videos started to replace the air host and air hostess demonstrations,Β  I, like I’m sure many others, wondered if they were really doing a better job in keeping the passengers attention for longer or get through to them more successfully, than the real life demonstrations.

But I would I admit that the fact these safety videos are changing regularly, and they are aiming to be down-to-earth and catch the passengers eye makes me curious to see what the different airlines will come up with next.

Below are some of the many many many safety videos (some old, some new) that I found online…

*United Airlines (2014)

*Virgin Airlines (2013)

*Air New Zealand (2014)

*Sri Lankan Airlines (2014)

*Thompson Airways (2009)

And of course, going back ‘ole school’, some of the Southwest flight attendants safety demonstrations circulating the world wide web:

(2009)Β https://youtu.be/x_o_xn-q5Zk
(2013)Β https://youtu.be/oYAch0RIyzM
(2014)Β https://youtu.be/HNx5-bEKk8A
(2014) https://youtu.be/ZS9zMaErkPA

Which is your favourite?
If it’s not shown below, share with us your favourite airline safety video!

Happy travels, home or abroad… or wherever you may be πŸ˜€