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Something that I have looked forward to in for what seems like forever, is to wake up with the leatherback turtles and to be able to see them during the daylight hours.

And I’m finally able to say that I’ve done this… to say that I can cross this wish, this dream off the bucket list! 😀


As advised, we woke up at 5:00 am and made our way onto the beach… We instantly spotted 2 groups of persons, a distance apart from each other…

We joined the first group and met up with our little friend.


Her systematic process of preparing the area around her, digging the hole when she will in turn lay her eggs, covering up these eggs for their protection from the “cobeaux” around and heading back into the sea, is even more fascinating during the daylight.



We noticed however, that this time around the Leatherback Turtle did the whole process twice, from preparing the sand area, to covering up the empty hole, before heading back out into the the sea. She however only laid her eggs the first time, but pretended to the second time around.

Upon discussion with the fellow visitors around, we accounted it to be a defence mechanism to protect her freshly laid eggs from being hunted.

After about 3-hours (the normal process is about 1 / 1.5 hours), our little friend made her way back into the waters…

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Such a beautiful, patient, exciting and fascinating experience…. so glad I got to finally experience it, and to grateful to my dear friends who shared these moments with me.

Have you ever visited with the LeatherBack Turtles?
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