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We were there from Trinidad & Tobago and spoke English. Some were from French Guiana and spoke French / Dutch / Portuguese. And the rest were from Manaus, Brasil and spoke Portuguese.

We may not have been able to communicate with words, but we all had the same language. The language of the game. The love of the game. Football. Fútbol. Futebol.

Experiencing 5-a-side football, or Futsal, on an outdoor hard court, on the streets of Manaus, was one of my MANY highlights during this trip. We cheered and watched, while they played. 10 minute rounds, or who scored 2 goals first. Those were the rules. Then you rotated out with another team. We started off with 3 teams rotating between us. By the time we left, there were at least 7 teams, waiting their turn. The teams were sometimes mixed. Males and females playing together. Against each other. Enjoying the experience. “Taking a sweat”. Loving the game.

Here is one of the pictures taken during that game. Their speed and skills all made it a BLUR. But it’s still one of my favourite shots.

5-a-side football on the streets of Manaus, Brasil

5-a-side football on the streets of Manaus, Brasil

Submitted for Week 14 of the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge.