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I am having so much fun with these National and International days… even though there are soooo sooooo many!… There are the remembrances, the awarenesses, the foodie days and of course, the fun ones… So, as you can see, I’m picking and choosing which ones I can participate in… and enjoying learning, researching, and participating in these days, all at the same time!

And an example of a Fun Day is today’s Day; International Puzzle Day!

stock photo

stock photo

So to commemorate it, I had the best time building this jigsaw puzzle… which was also a New-to-Me challenge, as I have never done a 3-D jigsaw puzzle before… it was lots a fun! 😀

I received this “Ravensburger 3D: The Earth Puzzleball” a couple of months ago, but only sat down to open and attempt the creation a couple of days ago, upon hearing that Puzzle day was coming up.


This puzzle was testing my knowledge of the globe and the countries of the world; their locations and which country is next to which country… which actually would be a lovely family night learning activity. 


I cleared the table and got started. Trying to recognise the partial names of places and where they would join too.. I had many “parts partially completed” and after a while, noticed there were the numbers on the back side of each piece, that actually had a purpose. See who forgets to read the instructions… *covers eyes*.


Apparently the numbers can help you if you’re stuck in fitting the pieces perfectly in place. After this realisation, I aimed to use these numbers only when I was really really stuck (because, now that the knowledge is there… it makes it harder to forget). To be completely honest, the “blue oceans” were the hardest part of the puzzle for me and although I did complete a good part by myself, I did graciously accept the assistance for those parts, when I couldn’t fit them properly… so many blue-coloured pieces lol.
The Ocean really is the majority of the earth’s surface…


Another instruction I clearly missed, was aim to put it together from the bottom up… yeah, as you can see in the pictures… that was read after the fact… lol.



Anyways!! All-in-all I really did have fun completing this challenge… and am now looking for the perfect place to display my globe… I had/have the world in my hands… what’s next? 😉



Do you enjoy doing Puzzles?
Crosswords puzzles, Jigsaw Puzzles, Rubik’s Cubes, etc?

Then today’s a Day for you!
Share your favourite puzzle!
Share how you enjoyed this day 😀