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A close friend of mine will soon be heading on an exciting travel experience, for both pleasure and educational travel (some of the best kinds of trips lol) and I am so excited for her. 

She will be flying to San Francisco; one of my dream places in the United States to visit… sigh! I cannot wait to see pictures and hear all about her adventures… She will also be attending a conference which I too was very much interested in… so those stories will be also welcomed 😀

I was hoping to join her on this adventure, but due to some unexpected family expenses and obligations, things didn’t go my way… Yes I am disappointed. Yes I wish things had worked out for me to also join. But I am on top of the world for her and this adventure :):)

Anyways, as I chatted with her this evening about the trip, I started thinking of the positive… that I can start planning for next year  🙂

Another friend had also mentioned a similar conference in New York next year which she was thinking of going to, which was also interesting to me… so I thought, why not?! And my evening has since been spent reading up on the given conference information, checking out the pricings of my trip budget, looking up the conference hotel and it’s amenities, and glancing around the area for things to do in the free time… if there is any free time lol.

I enjoy the trip planning aspect, as I’ve mentioned many many times before..
although… the spontaneous trips, the whatever happens, happens trips, are also great, exciting and always welcomed…

So! this is my first OFFICIAL planning for 2015. Let’s see what happens! 😀