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Set in pre-Independence times (before 1963) and modern day (2013) of our twin islands, the history of our beautiful instrument, the musical instrument of the 20th Century, the sweet sweet music of the steel pan, is demonstrated in this genuine storytelling re-enactment.  

A film by written by Dr. Kim Johnson, directed by Jerome Guiot and Thierry Teston and produced by Jean-Michel Gibert, Barthelemy Fougea and Dr. Kim Johnson, Pan! Our Music Odyssey premiered at the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival earlier this year (2014). Unfortunately there was only one (1) showing of the film at that time, for the opening night of the festival, and I didn’t get the opportunity to attend.

BUT!! It was with such pleasure and excitements to hear that this local documentary was being shown in our local movie theatres, starting last week….

It’s apparently only showing for one (1) week in local movie theatres, so I made a promise to myself, that no matter what, that I would see it in the theatres this week. And I kept my promise and went, with blanket in one hand and popcorn in the next, I snuggled up in the almost-filled Screen #9.

I was very happy to see the movie theatre looking about 80% full, because in my mind, this was also a demonstration of support for our local arts! something I’m also excited about. Of course, it could also be because apparently the movie theatre complex was having a special on all movies, something I didn’t realise until I got there (and if I had known I probably wouldn’t have attended because of all the crowds), but that’s another story…

I am so happy about this movie, proud of the writer and the production team and of our sweet Trinidad and Tobago and excited of what we can accomplish. Throughout the movie I was tapping and singing along to the music, admiring the real people in the documentary telling us how it was back then, reminiscing of the life that was, and even feeling for a panyard visit. lol

Go See it. It’s true what they are saying about the movie. “If you love Pan! If you love Trinbago! You have to see this movie!”

Let me know what you think!!  :):)

From the Pan! Our Music Odyssey website

From the Pan! Our Music Odyssey website

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