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As I walked through the door tonight, the smell of home-cooked was accompanied by excitements, as Dad was busy in the Kitchen, completing his challenge!

As mentioned earlier here… the challenge this morning was for Dad to cook dinner tonight, as part of the National Men Make Dinner Day. There is even a website dedicated to this fun holiday, with a list of rules to comply too.

And he did! He partook and completed the challenge; and Mom confirmed with no official help from her. 😀

So what was on the menu tonight?
Persian White Rice with Tadiq, Vegetable Stew, Garlic Salmon and Green Salad.

All delicious, healthy and very satisfying!
As I previously mentioned, my Dad CAN cook… he just doesn’t do it that often… [although that MAY change after the conversations this evening, lol].

Anyways, here is a picture of dinner this evening, before it was devoured. 😉

Tonight's Dinner

Tonight’s Dinner

Thank-you for being such a great sport, Dad! 😀 😀

(Day 6)