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There are times that I realise how much I really really miss my family… I’ve mentioned in my “My Travels” page that my family is scattered all over the world… this is how we grew up, this is what we knew over the years… and it’s no different now.

I always prided myself on the idea that yes my base is my beautiful islands of Trinidad & Tobago, but my home is the world, and I want to visit the world… travel the world… to visit my family in say the Netherlands or New Zealand, or my grandmother’s burial grave in Palau, West Caroline Islands (in the Pacific Ocean)… I pride myself of being a child of international parents. I love it. This is me.

But there are times that I wish the world was smaller… where I could just “hop over” to see my sister and brother, or my aunts, or my cousins.. at my convenience… I wish it were easier to “hop over”; where flights were easy to get and so much cheaper… where the possibilities to be a citizen of the world would come by more often… sigh…

I’m just musing… thinking out loud…rambling..

My brother’s best friend is flying to visit him tomorrow and I started daydreaming that I was going also.. yes flights were checked and rechecked, but having no real idea when I really can actually fly, doesn’t help in narrowing down the time period options.. and the fact BOTH my sister and brother are visiting next year… well, I will get to see them and spend time with them, right?

I still think that there’s no harm in checking… and hoping, and daydreaming…

Or maybe it’s just the travel bug biting again, for a new country to visit.. and new place to be, a new “cross off the list”… maybe it’s time to start really planning for the next adventure… hmmmmmm….

But I do miss them both… and send them love always…

(Day 5)