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In the article: “6 Ways to Get the Most Out of NaBloPoMo This November” by Ms. Julie Ross Godar, it was suggested as part of the involvement process in the exercise, to scroll through the blogroll (for this challenge) and read and comment on other people’s blogs.

Now upon drafting this post, there were 1275 different blogs signed up for this November challenge, this blog space being number 1146 (woo whoo), and participants actually have until Wednesday the 5th to join the challenge (so sign up quickly if you’re still interested :):) – it’ll be fun!!). Needless to say that’s a lot of blogs to choose from, to interact with… sigh…

I decided to start choosing random numbers on the list to check out their blogs… and when going through the entries, decided on reading ONLY the November posts (part of the challenge posts)… to start of course…
So!, of the ten (10) random blogs, not including known friends/ acquaintances/ followed-already blogs, I newly followed some :D, some I’ve highlighted for future reference 🙂 and some really didn’t  peak my interest :(.

It’s a start in my new interactions… let’ see where this takes us 😉

(Day 3)