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While looking through these fun “days of the year” calendars all over the internet, they identified the month of November is being many things… including but not limited to bring an awareness to serious topics like Diabetes (World Diabetes Month), an understanding of what it is to be a Vegan (World Vegan Month), and fun ideas like National Novel Writing Month and more recently National Blog Posting Month. 

Off the bat, National Novel Writing Month is not for me, but I am excited to read the updates of some of my fellow bloggers, who have accepted that challenge.

According to a WordPress and BlogHer article with Eden Kennedy, the idea for National Blog Posting Month came about as a smaller scale challenge to Novel Writing Month. After a some deliberation, I’ve decided to attempt this 30 Blog post in 30 days challenge 2014, as part of National Blog Writing Month. Now I can think of so many other people who would be excellent at this challenge, but this is about challenging me, right?

I’ve even signed my name on the “NoBloPoMo Blogroll” as added commitment…
*covers eyes*

So here goes… wish me luck! 😉

(Day 1)