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So I had a conversation this morning with a co-worker, who insists on using Google Drive to share and edit documents… but here’s the predicament:

I like the idea of lists… I create them whenever I can; And for the most part, like the idea of creating spreadsheets – except when I am doubting my Formulas or Calculations for work etc., then end up rechecking them a thousand times… and then my handwritten calculations start to look like such a great idea! lol

The idea of allowing select persons to edit one master document (and track the changes) over the World Wide Web… yeah well, that’s a real great thing!…

But it is very clear that I am not “practising enough” or “taking the time to learn” with the whole Google Drive idea because it never seems to work for me  😦

Yes at work, they sometimes “block” certain sharing sites, Google Drive being one [which I have no idea why yet… but that’s another story], so I don’t get to practice and learn about it as I should…

Or maybe I just haven’t given it the chance it deserves, and it deserves such a fair chance, with such a wonderful idea…

THEN after all my feelings of conflict and frustrations, I found out that today is “SPREADSHEET DAY“. Yes, yes, really.. apparently there’s a day for it.  sigh.

Spreadsheet day apparently “commemorates the date that VisiCalc, the first spreadsheet program for personal computers, was released – October 17th, 1979

Of course there’s not a great following for this “fun-observance-day”… not yet at least… hmmmm… I wonder why??…

So!! I decided that instead of venting my frustrations… I’m going to attempt to get a crash course in Google Drive (once I’m not blocked at work of course), in observance of this day!

I enjoy learning… so this shouldn’t be so bad… right?
Baby Steps… lol

The Mirror UK also just printed this article in remembrance of Spreadsheet day:
SPREADSHEET DAY: The five worst spreadsheet mistakes… Ever

Happy Spreadsheet day!

Enjoy :):)