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Yesterday began the long awaited Trinidad and Tobago Restaurant Week, 2014… and our first experience for this Week’s event, was at the Samurai Grill and Sushi Bar.. and what a great experience it was!! Coupled with amazing company and great service [both of which can make and break any experience], the food and overall experience was thoroughly enjoyed.

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Reservations were made beforehand, specifying that we wanted to participate in the TT Restaurant Week 2014, and a timeslot of 7:45pm was given. We arrived a little early for the reservation, and the kind host and hostess sat us outside, and offered to get us a drink while we waited for the rest of our party to arrive, and for the table to be ready.


As part of the TT Restaurant Week menu, the Teppanyaki experience was being offered, which involves you requesting your menu choice beforehand, usually the type of meat / seafood, and the chef coming to your table to cook in front of you as an entertainment. This is not the first time that I’ve experienced this style of Japanese Cuisine, but this Samurai Grill and Restaurant Bar experience did live up to my great memories.

The Beautiful Table settings at the Tappenaki Grill

The Beautiful table settings at the Teppanyaki Grill

As our party was seated, drink orders were taken and a review of the menu was done. A choice of Chicken, Steak, Salmon, Scallops and Shrimp was being offered as the main course. In addition to the Restaurant Week menu, we also agreed on a couple sushi choices to be shared with the group, as additional appetizers.

We decided on a Crispy Shrimp Classic Roll and a Kamikaze Samurai Roll, along with a Sashimi platter (with Yellow Tall, Tuna and Salmon Sashmi) for those who wanted more of the authentic Sushi experience. A taste of each was possible, and all were delightful.

The Sashimi platter, Crispy Shrimp Classic Roll and a Kamikaze Samurai Roll

The Sashimi platter, Crispy Shrimp Classic Roll and a Kamikaze Samurai Roll

We gave our meal orders to our server and shortly after the Miso Soup came out, followed by small ginger flavoured garden salad, both of which were enjoyed as our anticipation for our main course began to build.

The Teppanyaki Chef who was introduced as Colin, rolled in his ingredients and the preparing of meal began. The show put on by the Chef was interactive, fun, entertaining and thoroughly enjoyed by all. The rice and vegetables were prepared first, followed by the Chicken and Steak, for those who ordered. After a thorough clean of the grill, the Seafood options were done.

Preparation of the Samurai Spicy Chicken choice

Preparation of the Samurai Spicy Chicken choice

Teppanyaki Salmon, Scallops and Imperial Shrimp

Teppanyaki Salmon, Scallops and Imperial Shrimp

My final dinner - a taste from everyone :)

My final dinner – a taste from everyone 🙂

But the most anticipated part of the evening for me, and from as soon as the restaurant week menu was published, was the the dessert… Tempura Ice Cream… one of my favourite desserts was being offered, so there wasn’t even a consideration for the other options (which from others in my party was identified as a YUM also), and the dessert satisfied my tastebuds perfectly.

Tempura Ice Cream

Tempura Ice Cream

Thank-you to our Teppanyaki Chef, Colin and our kind, patient and helpful Servers, Cheryl and Anisa, and to all the other staff at Samurai Grill and Sushi Bar, who made our evening as prefect as it was. In addition to our great company 🙂 we loved the food, the whole experience, the beautiful decor and the great customer service that was received.

We will definitely be back!