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It’s that time again and we’re soooooo excited ūüėÄ

The 2014 Trinidad and Tobago Restaurant Week is here again :):)
From tomorrow Friday Sept 19th through Sept 28th, 2014 and we’ve started planning out how we can make the most of this time, and visit as many locations as possible throughout this week ¬†ūüôā

We sat down with the lovely¬†IntrovertlyBubbly¬†today, and came up with some tips and ideas that have helped us throughout¬†our dining adventures…

Below is a¬†Repost from their site… you can see the original post here.



As Trinidad and Tobago Restaurant Week 2014 is coming up…tomorrow, November 19th 2014, we wanted to share once again some of our survival tips for dining in Trinidad and Tobago, crafted over the past years!! The list is updated with some of our go to practices.

Excellent Food and Excellent Service do not always go hand in hand

Sometimes you get one without the other, sometimes you get both, sometimes you get none. Do your research, Manage your expectations and remember where you dine is your choice.

Understand that tipping is your choice. The word TIP, ‚Äúto insure performance‚ÄĚ, ‚Äúto insure promptness‚Ä̬†is something we hold dear to our hearts‚Ķfind out if your tip goes directly to your server and ¬†know that tipping is your choice. We typically TIP commensurate on the service we receive as a rule and only when it goes directly to those responsible for that said service.

Call in and make a reservation

Some establishments do not normally take reservations, but still considering calling; this is a personal habit that has worked well for us.

Study Your Menu

 This is actually a very fun exercise… do it together …at the table…

Normally during this period, restaurants create special and fixed priced menus, which usually feature combinations of an Appetizer, Entree, Dessert, Wine/Beverage or Salad, Entree, Dessert, Wine/Beverage, or Appetizer, Entree, Coffee/Tea, Wine/Beverage all for a fixed price.

Understandably, these combinations can range from prime cut steaks, to lobster, to salmon or can be as simple as a vegetarian dish but they are all at a fixed price. Sometime small plates consisting of a variety of dishes are offered allowing patrons to sample a wide range of foods, not normally offered in this way. At times the menu is somewhat limited and to some disappointing, so checking out the specially offered Restaurant Week menu and, if allowed, the restaurant’s standard menu might be worth your consideration.

Food for thought, right? So from now on, study the menu…if you care that is. Otherwise you can drive right in and order off the specially tailored Restaurant Week Menu.

Select an off peak time to dine

  If there is the flexibility to do so, consider having a late breakfast, an early or late lunch or an earlier or later dinner.

This can make or break your experience as slow, quiet periods sometimes means that you can receive more personal and special attention from servers and wait staff. Otherwise practice tip 2 above.

Allot sufficient time to savour the experience

 Arrive on time… chill for a while after over something hot, cold, some alcohol or dessert

If you are dining with company

Consider not ordering all the same meals and desserts. Share it up…make it an experience.

Make a pact and put away all electronic devices that ring…

unless you are a foodie and this is what you do…then do it but be discrete and not disrespect your company or the establishment

Remember that your wait staff are servers and not your servants!

Say thank you…smile alot…

This is actually okay to do. It wont kill or hurt you.

Nuff said, note that some of these tips can be used even beyond the celebrations during Restaurant Week… Enjoy!

What would be your No. 10?

Penned with love by LivingLovinLife and IntroverlyBubbly

See some more tips from our favourite local food resource here…


We’d both love to hear from you!! What other dining-out tips do you practice?

Let us know ūüôā