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Week 5: Object

Week #5’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge is “Object“, and as this could be anything around, narrowing down to choose just one photo to submit seemed harder than anticipated. The dictionary describes an Object as “anything (thing, person, or matter) that is visible or tangible and is relatively stable in form

I finally decided on this one:

simple beauty

simple beauty

This was taken in Chagaramas, on the North West Coast of Trinidad. At one point in time, we’d find these beautiful red starfish while visiting the coastal waters, during our Kayak excursions. However, in recent times they have been rare or non-existent although we have taken the time and care to look for them. This photo, taken in 2010, was actual the last time I was blessed in seeing one.

For the record, we were very careful while taking this photo, keeping him out of the waters for less than 30 seconds, and promptly and carefully placing him back into his habitat.

Now reading up on the red starfish, while trying to locate the scientific name, it sounds as if these starfish are normally found in African or Indo-Pacific waters…. hmmmm… this little one seems to be very far from home…

Affected by changes in the pH, temperature, and salinity of the waters, as well as the presence of insensitive visitors to the waters, could explain why finding them to admire, hasn’t been easy these past years…

I am grateful to be lucky enough to have had the opportunity to see these beautiful starfish… and am excited to share this with you 😀

[While drafting this blog post, I learnt that there are many different kinds/types and colours of starfish living around the world. Blues and greys and even multi-coloured ones. It would be exciting to be able to see and admire these, sometime in the future.. 🙂 ]