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We got invited to an event the other night and dress attire was “Lounge Suit”… A new unknown term to me, which made me start to panic…

Now, I know that I’m not a ‘fashonista’ or very up-to-date in all the latest fashion trends, but what is that really? What is Lounge Suit attire?

Yes, Google search can be your best friend… SOMETIMES, but with all the conflicting suggestions and ideas, in my mind at least, I didn’t get that comfort feeling…

I even asked around to friends and family and co-workers alike, and even their ideas were different. *sigh*

So, to sum it up, for the guys I got descriptions like: “suit jacket with no tie”, and “good slacks, no jeans”
For ladies, I got “not a cocktail dress” in some cases, but in other cases it was said that “cocktail attire will work.” I also got the description “work suits with added accessories”, but this doesn’t really help me, as I don’t ever wear a suit to work!

Then I came across this Australian site, Birdsnest.com.au
They presented what I needed to see: not only the written description of what the attire was, but also put-together examples of outfits to satisfy these descriptions.
AND, do real cool and fun names/titles for the outfits 😀
They also have the option to purchase from site, once available, if desired. [of course I believe shipping would be from Australia, so taking that into consideration is important…]

But at least I got a visual. Something to describe the difference choices out there or what style of clothing to look for.

Again, I am sure that there are other helpful fashion sites out there, with the same visual assistance as this one, but with the given time, I was only able to find this one for now…

What do you consider to be Lounge Suit?
What other websites are out there to help give ideas?
Please share  😀

I ended up going with a little black number. In my mind, it’s closer to a cocktail dress, but it worked for me and I was comfortable in it! [Which of course is most important to me]. 😉

On a side note, I really need to add a proper suit, that I love and am happy with, to my wardrobe collection!!! Will work on that 🙂