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Travel is very very important to me.

I grew up travelling. I knew growing up that to be able to visit any of my family, I’d have to jump on a plane to get there; be it England or Europe, the United States, or even Dominican Republic. Or to meet up with friends that I’d made along the way, I’d have to travel to those mentioned places or even some of our islands and more. I grew up wanting to visit my Aunt in New Zealand or my dad’s cousin in South Africa. This was normal to me. This is what I knew…

Recently, I started to become aware that when I meet someone new, or start getting to know someone, in conversation the topic of travel ultimately would come up. I realised that asking the following question, I would receive so many answers:

“If you had a chance to visit anywhere in the world, with no issue of money or time or responsibilities, where would you go?”

I’ve gotten answers like “I’d go to Country X or Country Y or even Country Z… or maybe even all..” said very excitedly; or “I’ve never really travelled but if I could, I’d go to Thailand (or some other exotic location)” and then there’s “Why is it that all people want to do is travel? Why can’t you just stay home, and in one place?”; and of course, many in between responses.

I realised the other day, that the response that people gave me, plays a big part if I want to continue ‘getting to know them’ and realised, after consultation with one of my friends, that although I never thought up the LIST for myself, that everyone seems to have for their ‘perfect person’, it would definitely be a MUST on my list!

I’m not saying that being a ‘Local Tourist’ is negative… to me that’s also exploring and a form of travel – especially when the opportunities to jump on a plane don’t come by easily, enjoying and exploring our beautiful islands are also available and important…

Then I came across this blog post: “Date A Boy Who Travels” by Lena Desmond from “Where are my Heels?“. It hits the idea right on the head! It is spot on topic. When the time is right for me, this is what I want. This is a major criteria. He has to at least want to travel, to see the world. He has to have the wishes, hopes and dreams to visit far and/or exciting places, to create memories. And yes I know, Life may get in the way, but aiming towards these dreams and experiences, and attempting to make them a reality is what I live for…. and I want him to live for that also…

Below are some excerpts from the post, but you can read the whole post HERE:

“Date A Boy Who Travels by Lena Desmond

Date A Boy Who Travels

Date a boy who travels…. Date a boy who travels because he’s not blinded by a single goal but enlivened by many….

…You’ll know it’s him because when you peek at his computer screen his background will be a scenic splendor of rolling hills, mountains, or prayer flags. His Facebook friend count will be over-the-roof and his wall will be plastered with the broken English ‘miss-you’ of friends he met along the way. When he travels he makes lifelong friends in an hour. And although contact with these friends is sporadic and may be far-between his bonds are unmessable and if he wanted he could couch surf the world… again….

…He’ll… grill you about your dreams and competitively ask about the craziest thing you’ve ever done. Tell him. And know that he’ll probably win. And if by chance you win, know that his next lot in life will be to out do you. But then he’ll say, “Maybe we can do it together.”

Date the boy who talks of distant places and whose hands have explored the stone relics of ancient civilizations and whose mind has imagined those hands carving, chiseling, painting the wonders of the world. And when he talks it’s as if he’s reliving it with you. You can almost hear his heart racing. You can almost feel the adrenaline ramped up by the moment….

…Date a boy who’s lived out of a backpack because he lives happily with less. A boy who’s travelled has seen poverty and dined with those who live in small shanties with no running water, and yet welcome strangers with greater hospitality than the rich. And because he’s seen this he’s seen how a life without luxury can mean a life fueled by relationships and family rather than a life that fuels fancy cars and ego. He’s experienced different ways of being, respects alternative religions and he looks at the world with the eyes of a five-year-old, curious and hungry. Your dad will be happy too because he’s good with money and knows how to budget….

…Don’t hold onto this boy. Let this boy go and go with him. If you haven’t travelled, he will open your eyes to a world beyond the news and popular perception. He will open your dreams to possibility and reality. He will calm your nerves when you’re about to miss a flight or when your rental blows a flat, because he knows the journey is the adventure…. He will make you feel like you’re home.

When you see something beautiful he will hold your hand in silence, in awe the history of where his feet stand and the fact that you’re with him.

He will live in every moment with you because this is how he lives his life. He understands that happiness is no more than a string of moments that displace neutrality and he is determined to tie as many of these strings together as he can. He also understands your need to live for yourself and that you have a bucketlist of your own. Understand his. Understand that your goals may at some points differ but that independence is the cornerstone of a healthy relationship when it’s mutually respected. You may lose him for a bit but he will always come home bearing a new story and a souvenir he picked up because it reminded him of you, like it was made for you and because he missed you. You might be compelled to do the same. Make sure that independence is on your bucketlist and make sure it’s checked. Independence will keep your relationship fresh and exciting and when you’re together again it will forge a bond of unbreakable trust….

…Marry the boy who’s travelled and together you will make the whole world your home….

…Marry a boy who travels and he’ll teach your children the beauty of a single stone, the history of the Incas and he will instill in them the bravery of possibility. He will explain to them that masking opportunity there is fear. He will teach them to concur it….

…Find a boy who travels because you deserve a life of adventure and possibility. You deserve to live light and embrace simplicity. You deserve to look at life through the eyes of youth and with your arms wide open. Because this is where you will find joy. And better, you will find joy together. And if you can’t find him, travel. Go. Embrace it. Explore the world for yourself because dreams are the stuff reality is made from.

Thank-you for writing this! It brings (all good) chills and goosebumps every time I read this… and although I haven’t found him yet, it brings a feeling of comfort that I will one day 🙂

Is travelling an important part of you life and your future?

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