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A good friend of mine, is one of those who likes to joke around, or say something funny or sarcastic; or even both, to break the ice or the awkwardness. The comments may be the most out-of-d-blue, random stuff or just basic status updates but they have a knack for making you laugh, making you ‘think/wonder’ and sometimes even both.

The other day, we tried to persuade him to start a Twitter account with all these little sayings or comments that he comes up with. We asked him how (or even why) he ‘comes up’ with these ideas/thoughts and who really does inspire him to say/post etc… all out of a fun conversation. Afterall, we also look forward to reading these daily status updates.

He got serious and mentioned that a friend of his is fighting cancer right now. She was going through a rough time a while back, and a couple of times he had posted some status comment and it had made her laugh. So, to continue lifting her spirits, he started making up and finding different sayings/comments and posting on a daily basis. Of course, now it continues to work to not only lift her spirits, but brings a smile to all of us who reads these updates.

My heart began to swell with joy and happiness – so proud that I knew him and happy that I also had his friendship. It may not mean anything to you; it may be so small in the scheme of things, but too this young lady it meant the world.

It’s the little things in life that make a big difference…

MB, thank-you for being you.