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In this TEDx video, Shawn Achor, CEO of Good Think Inc. and Author of “The Happiness Advantage” persuades us that if we pursue and train ourselves to be happy, then we will be successful in life – and not the opposite way around (where we may believe that if we are successful, then we will be happy).

It may seem like such a simple concept, but we have grown up believing otherwise – that I’ll be happy when I get my dream job or even when I make my first million etc.  And this is not the case, because if/when we reach that goal, we’ll always move the standard to another level.

I do believe his ideas to be true. We are responsible for our own happiness in life. If we are happy or have a positive attitude then we will enjoy our job more; we will even enjoy life more…

I am not saying that I am the happiest, or most positive person around; infact those who know me, probably think otherwise. But I’m working on me, working on being happy and enjoying life, and do feel that his ideas of finding or doing things that make you happy, training yourself to think positive, to be happy, will in turn ‘have the ripple outwards effect’ on your way of life…

Reality may not shape us, but the lens through with our brain views the world, shapes our reality…”  ~Shawn Achor

What are your thoughts?