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On Saturday eve, I had the privilege of being the ‘plus 1’ to the Table Talk Food Awards Trinidad and Tobago (TTFATT) Awards ceremony, held at the Hyatt Regency, Port-of-Spain.

As you recall, this past week we visited both Wild Olive Bistro and Aioli, to participate in the Restaurant Crawl, organised by the TTFATT. So to be invited to this event brought such levels of excitements.

After the set period of time, June 7th to 17th, during which the judges made their rounds and visited the nominated restaurants where they got to personally experience what had to be offered, an award ceremony was planned to announced the winners of this event, and to present recognition plaques to the winners.

A list of all the nominees for this TTFATT 2013 event, can be found here.

With the excitement throughout the air, being able to attend this first Award ceremony and to participating in the Restaurant Crawl, I felt as if I got to play a small part in this event.

Set on the Waterfront of the Hyatt Regency, with the cool night air, this cocktail event started off with a history of the event (as this event did start off in Jamaica), followed by the introductions of judges and sponsors. The evening ended off with the presentation of awards to the winners of the 14 pre-determined categories. Throughout the evening, tasty appetizers were served and a variety of drinks were available for your choosing.

An enjoyable evening and a new experience – thanks for the invite 😀

For a list of winners, please see the Trinidad Express article in today’s paper: “T&T’s culinary experts chosen: winners hailed

For more information on the TTFATT, please read the following interview from Introvertly Bubbly, on behalf of Trinidad Reviews: “5 interesting things about the TTFATT