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Today marks ONE (1) year to kick-off for:
FIFA World Cup 2014!! YAY!!

Held every four (4) years in locations around the world, where qualifying countries come together and play off in the biggest worldwide football competition. This year, the competition is being held in various cities around Brazil: known as the football capital of the world.

When?: June 12 – July 13 2014
You can read more here]

As the host country, Brazil is an automatic qualifier, while other teams from around the world have to play-off and earn their spot. To date, the only other country that has qualified is:

Japan [AFC – qualified on 4th June 2013]

The official logo for the world cup 2014, unveiled in 2010, titled “inspiration” is:

official logo

WC 2014 official logo

The official poster chosen in Jan 2013 is:

official poster

WC 2014 official poster

And the chosen mascot, an armadillo named “Fuleco” can be seen in the picture below:

WC 2014 mascot: Fuleco

WC 2014 mascot: Fuleco

[ More information on Fuleco can be found here]

I always feel an excitement for this tournament when it is drawing near, and this year is no exception… Although I may not consider myself a crazy obsessive fan, and even then, that ‘term’ is a very biased one, I do love and enjoy the beautiful game tremendously, especially when I have the opportunity to see them live… Futebol para a vida!!

Trinidad & Tobago is unfortunately not in the tournament this year (the only time that they have qualified is World Cup 2006) but this is not deterring my excitement in any way…

SO! let the countdown begin 😀