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So I just came across this video/short film, apparently from 2009 (see below). How did we not hear about this? Okay then, how did I not hear about this before?

The Title: Los Bandoleros
The Writer/Director/Producer: Vin Diesel
Duration of Short Film: 20 minutes

The aim of this short film?
According to Wikepedia, (read article here) it “provides back-story for the characters and events leading up to” the opening scene of Fast and Furious 4. It develops and explains the relationships from the end of the original Fast and Furious to the beginning of the fourth one, where Dom returns as the star of the series. AAhhhh!  So good to know!

Apparently there are scenes also in the opening of Fast and Furious 6 (now showing) which I haven’t had the opportunity to see it – but I will soon!!

Anyways! Now we know and are aware!!

You can watch the full short film, Los Bandoleros, via the YouTube link below: