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After my experience last week [read about it here], I got another opportunity to attend the European Film Festival at Movietowne POS.

This time I decided I was going to enjoy myself and take in as many films as possible, so I arrived at the movie theatre around 3pm and purchase tickets for the remaining three shows that evening: the 3.30pm showing of 18 Meals (SP / 101’), the 5.30pm showing of Barbara (GER / 105’) and the 8.00pm showing of Cheerful Weather for the Wedding (UK / 93’)

[You can read the synopsis of the movies in the links provided; just click on the titles]

18 Meals: Based around breakfast, lunch and dinner, this movie shows the inter-connections and relationships between what seemingly non-connected persons over food. Some of the interactions were easy/heart warming to follow, others left you with a feel of longing/sadness or confusion. Overall an enjoyable movie.

Barbara: Set in East Germany in the 80s, the movie follows a young doctor who has been transferred to a rural village to work in the local clinic with limited resources. From her interactions with the officer who has her under constant surveillance, her fellow doctor co-worker, the patients and her secretive meetings, this movie keeps you entranced for the duration of the film.

Cheerful Weather for a Wedding: On the wedding day of a young couple, the movie plays on the different interactions of the characters, from the mother of the bride and her youngest daughter, to the former lover and the bride-to-be, to a cousin, his wife and their son. Enjoyable and relatable.

As the festival comes to a close on Wednesday, I’m not sure if I’ll have the opportunity to enjoy any more of the selection this year, but I am very happy to have been able to take in a few of them.

Later this year, the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival [TTFF/13] will occur, usually in the month of September. Looking forward to the upcoming showcase of local and regional films being presented for us to enjoy 🙂