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Each year, the European Film Festival – Trinidad and Tobago, hosts and “showcases films from the European Union (EU), and [this event] is organised by the European Member States with diplomatic missions in T&T — France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom — and the EU Delegation.” (taken from the EFFTT website)

Although usually held in October / November, this year it moved to the month of May (15th – 28th) for us to enjoy and get an awareness of up and coming films that may have won previous awards or honourable mention in the many other festivals around the world. For me, I take it as a time to enjoy, to be exposed to and to appreciate the foreign films that I would not have normally known of, as our ‘American-television’ may not showcase or advertise all too often.

Each year I obtain the schedule, highlight the shows I desire to see, and then highlight the tentative times that I may be able to co-inside with them showing. This year they held the screenings in Movietowne Port-of-Spain and Movietowne Tobago. Of course then the my choices were narrowed down by location as well.

Today I took mom for a ‘movie afternoon’ and we bought tickets for two of the shows: 3.30pm showing of Eleanor’s Secret (FR / 80’) and the 5.30pm showing of Close to You (GER / 88’).

[You can read the synopsis of the movies in the links provided; just click on the titles]

Eleanor’s Secret, although a French animated film, was actually in English audio, with any words/signs etc being in French. It was a delightful children’s movie, with the importance and underlying message of the importance of reading and patience.

Close to You focused on a young man who’s ordinary, monotonous life was perfect and precise.. then he changes one thing in his routine, meets a young girl, and his life and life-events begins to change. Weirdly funny, and enjoyable.

Looking forward to hopefully attending a couple more shows this week 🙂