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I am very very very proud of myself tonight!… I did not procrastinate!!
(well, did not procrastinate once again!) 😀

I bought my plane ticket! Yay!!!

Over at least the past two years, I have put off, sacrificed and/or delayed a trip to visit my family living in England, because of work timings or delays in work; because of my procrastination then the prices go extremely high; or some other valid or invalid reason.

There are still unforeseen delays going on with my project, and I have already lost the cheaper flight ticket for this new time period, but decided today that I was going to put me first and take that long due vacation that I have been looking forward too.

So I requested and received my leave form today, got my immediate supervisor to sign off on it and just booked & purchased my ticket.

Very excited!!

The trip is not for another couple months so any planning or making plans is still to come, but it has helped to settle the travel bug, at least for the time being…

Here’s to Living Life!

Cheers!  😉