A friend of mine visited Chaud Café for lunch yesterday and was invited to try the ‘Wednesday Seafood Platter’ special today. Hearing the recap of her wonderful experience, we excitedly planned out our evening, leaving work (down south) at a reasonable time to make our way into town.

Chaud Café Menu

Chaud Café Menu

I, unfortunately have not had the honour as yet of visiting the original Chaud and Chaud Creole, run and operated by the famous Chef Khalid Mohammed (which I plan to remedy very soon!), so upon hearing that Chaud Café was presented as a dinner option tonight, I excitedly jumped to the chance.

Chaud Café is located at the One Woodbrook Place Complex (on the opposite side from the iMAX). With a choice of both outdoor and indoor seating, we opted for the outdoor as we were blessed with cool agreeable weather.

With Latin Jazz music playing in the background, we were offered the menus and a glass of water to start. Although we knew what we were ordering, the the menu options were interesting, with the hopes to be able to try them in the future.

Chaud Café

Chaud Café

Not knowing what to expect, we put in our order for the Plateau de Mar (Seafood Platter), which included a variety of seafood, such as Oysters, Clams, Lobster, King Crab, Shrimp and Mussels. We asked the waiter if it would suffice two persons and he assured us it would.

003 - IMG-20130501-00693We were presented with two dipping sauces (Mignonette & Cocktail), a bottle of Tabasco sauce and a seafood cracker tool.

Mignonette, Cocktail & Tabsco Sauce

Cocktail, Mignonette & Tabasco Sauce

Shortly after, the Plateau de Mar arrived. Presented in a bucket of ice, the promised types of seafood were identified and we excitedly started our meal.

Plateau de Mar

Plateau de Mar

As I have previously mentioned, this seafood platter is new to me. I have had each of the different types of seafood separately on previous occasions but except for oysters, they have never been presented on ice before. We were also advised that some of the items were cooked and some were raw, complimenting each other.

With open minds, started our meal; trying each separately, savouring and anticipating the tastes. Not sure which sauces to try with which item, we attempted to alternate our choices, with the squeeze of lime (essential) as the common factor for each.

For me, the Tabasco sauce was the most enjoyable, but even with the lime, it failed to kill the ‘freshness’ of some of the items. In any case, we went through the meal, enjoying our ‘new experience’.

We both decided that even though the meal was plentiful we needed to order something else to fully satisfy our appetite and decided upon a portion of fries with an arugula dipping sauce.

006 - IMG-20130501-00722These fries, although somewhat salty and not a traditional side to this platter, were a prefect end to our meal.

My overall experience was a 3.3 out of 5 for this first-time visit. The customer service was good and the café feel and ambience was enjoyable. I would visit again to be able to enjoy a different meal, preferably during the lunch time period.