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As I have previously mentioned, I did my undergraduate degree in the United States – in Florida to be more exact. Throughout my University time, I met and interacted with many people; walking to/from classes, in classes, at school activities/events and of course, persons within the dorms/resident halls.

The first person I met (PS) when I moved into my 1st year dorm room, happened to live in the same ‘suite’ as I did. A suite style dorm room was four rooms, 1 or 2 persons in each room, sharing toilets and shower facilities. In our case, this specific dorm had 2 persons per room so the max, 8 persons, sharing the facilities.

PS  happens to still be my closest friend from University.

Sheparticipated in a exchange service project in the South American Country of Guyana this past week. It has been what seems like forever since I last saw her and couldn’t fathom the idea that she’d be geographically so close and we wouldn’t meet up!

So! On the spur of the moment last Friday morning, I decided to solve this! I bought myself a plane ticket!!  😀

On Saturday morning, I jumped on a plane, flew for about 1 hour southbound to land in Cheddi Jagan International Airportin Guyana. What was my plan? To see and spend time with her, just for this weekend (Saturday to Sunday) as her trip was also coming to a close.

Other than finding a reasonable last minute hotel (which I booked) and the organization of transport arrangements (made through the hotel), my aim was to call/contact her when I got there, go with the flow and jus lime.

My friend had, at the beginning of her trip, organized a half-day tour to see Kaieteur Falls, but unfortunately, due to my last minute planning, the tours were all full on that Sunday (probably the only negative).

I decided instead to stay back at the hotel, to rest, to relax, and to ‘catch some rays’… something I never seem to get to do… I decided not to explore or tour & discover (a very new concept for me) but to bask in the moment of just being.. I must say, a very relaxing experience 🙂

Overall my trip was great. I had previously visited Guyana in 2000, so this was not a ‘new’ country for me… but it definitely helped me settle the travel bug, to relax and to catch-up on my friendship… at least for the weekend

[I do plan to travel to Guyana again sometime soon, even if it is just to visit and view the beautiful and magnificent Kaieteur Falls]