Today, after a long long busy day at the office, I got called into the back to sort out a cabinet of documents for one of the projects. 

As it was not my normal responsibility at work and such an unusual request, I reacted to the ‘messenger’ stating I will schedule it in or do it when I get some time; in not so little words of course! (as I mentioned, it had been a long long day!)After about 5 minutes, I decided that maybe I should really go and check out the documents that they were so concerned about or skim through and see who’s project they really did pertain too, so I headed into the back of the building.

Opening the door, a collective cry of “SURPRISE” came from my co-workers who had gathered there. A birthday surprise!!


Needless to say, all I could do was apologise to the ‘messenger’ as he was only trying to get me to come to their office. (still so so sorry and embarrassed!).

Anyways, the cakes were delicious!
Double Fudge Chocolate and Coconut Vanilla were the choices! and homemade Cookies and Cream ice-cream!!

The company was great! And the belated birthday surprise was even better!
Glad you all understand the ‘birth-month’ celebrations!!!  😉 😉
Thanks people!!