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Heading down the Santa Cruz Saddle Road, on the left hand side in a corner, one will notice a series of shingled-roofed sheds interestingly arranged, intriguing a sense of curiosity.

I first noticed, this ‘set-up’ on a early Sunday morning trip, returning from the beautiful Maracas Beach, the first weekend in December (2012). Questions like “what is this beautiful, interesting place?” and “what event did I miss out on now?” (since I always seem to find out about cool stuff going on, after-the-fact!), immediately popped into my mind.

The thought then got put to the back of my mind, until I saw an article online ‘introducing’ a green market!! I checked the website and excitedly thought! That’s the place! That is it!

The place is the San Antonio Green Market (SAGM). Opening every Saturday from 6am to 2pm, SAGM serves as a venue for local items to be sold to the public, promoting a ‘green environment’ as well as promoting the local vendors. (Turns out, it opened its gates on November 24th, so I didn’t miss out too much! Yay!)

After making and cancelling plans, working on weekends or just plain forgetfulness, I finally got the opportunity to visit this beautiful place yesterday.

Items like fruits, vegetables, fish, and flowers all produced locally, promoting no pesticides or artificial additives, as well as locally-made jams, oils, soaps, chocolate and pepper sauce are among the items that we found. Even local arts and crafts, clothing, freshly cooked meals and freshly made drinks were available.

The grounds are beautifully set up and very well-kept, with future expansions expected. I felt a sense of calm there, with the mountain breezes naturally cooling the area and the relaxed patrons enjoying their Saturday morning. We enjoyed a delicious cup of coffee and walked around the grounds, admiring the different stalls, conversing with both the vendors and patrons, tasting and testing out the goods, and purchasing what we could.

I am extremely happy that we finally got the visit, and so excited to be able to visit again and again in the near future, to support this lovely, exciting venture and to purchase healthy organic-like items, inturn also supporting the local market.

Great work to the organisers and to the participants.
Below are a few pictures of the grounds.

Thanks to CJ for these pictures. 

Local Market: San Antonio Green MarketLocal Market: San Antonio Green MarketLocal Market: San Antonio Green MarketLocal Market: San Antonio Green Market