Over this past weekend, my birthday weekend, I was able to spent time with one of my best friends and her beautiful family… which also includes my godchildren. The oldest one also shares a birthday week with me, turning 5 this year.

Happy birthday again sweetheart. 

Birthday Balloons
Birthday Hat, Gift and Bouquet
Beautiful Birthday Bouquet

We all celebrated her birthday with her friends at “Build-a-Bear” in US, something I’ve never done before. It was fun and exciting – and definitely focused towards the children. Thank-you to the Bear Helper who made it so much fun for all of us.  

I also got  treated to what seemed like a never-ending Sushi feast, including the manager recommended House Speciality Clams dish – a First for me!!  Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the dish right now but I do remember this: it was Absolutely De-li-cious!!!!

House Speciality – Clams

The rest of the weekend was just us friends catching up, spending time with the little angels, and overall family time. Nice and relaxing 🙂

All-in-all, a great runaway Birthday weekend.