Stock PhotoGrowing up, J.R.R. Tolkien’s the Hobbit was one of my favourite books. Sitting on mom’s bookshelf and out of pure young curiosity, I picked it up to see what it was about.

The book was read and thoroughly enjoyed, with whole-hearted support for Bilbo Baggins, an admiration for Gandolf, and the excitement throughout the whole adventure journey.

I remember watching the animated movie after, seated infront of the TV, VHS in the VCR and book in hand; bookmarking the ‘journey’s map’ at the beginning of the book, and following the adventures throughout the movie.

“Okay they reached here now. And now here” I excitedly repeated to myself.

And then the Lord of the Rings movies came out.

I knew the three novels that followed the Hobbit, but never chanced to read them – something I still would love to be able to do…

Watching each of the movies during their opening week and smirking at the fellow movie-goers who did not realise there were three books, so that when the movie ‘suddenly ended’ they would be confused, and in an uproar with the ‘cliff hanger’.

But I always expected this ‘surprise’ and enjoyed these movies immensely and was always left with the excitement that the next movie would be out soon.

So imagine my surprise when, after excitedly jumping at the chance to watch the 2012 version of the movie: ‘The Hobbit’ this weekend, which I of course know to be only one (1) book, (going in, not watching any previews or reading any reviews mind you)  when the movie just ‘suddenly ended’!

Just so!!
‘Not at the end’ of this only one (1) book!!

No one warned me they decided to make not only two, but three (3) movies!!

No one mentioned that this one book would be split like the full story of the Lord of the Rings!!


Throughout the movie I did wonder why parts just ‘dragged on’ but just figured it was a long movie, and things would speed up soon!

So all my smirking and preparation over ten (10) years ago, just came back to ‘slap me in the face’ … *sigh*…

Oh well, Guess this will give me more time to complete the reading of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy books!

Anyways, the movie was overall good.

And once I get over  this initial surprise, I’m sure I’ll be excitedly looking forward to the other two parts…