Yesterday I attended a conference for work in the Hyatt Regency Hotel in the Capital City of Port-of-Spain. Along side the Hyatt is a Waterfront where admittedly I have never been. There are all sorts of activities occurring in the area at different times of the year, from Carnival fêtes (parties), artistic showcases, to persons enjoying a beautiful sunset, or even an early morning run.

The conference started officially at 9am, but I was told I should be there around 7:30am. Reminded of all the horror stories of vehicular traffic heading to the Capital City and me being lucky to usually travel against the traffic to my place of work, I planned to leave home at 5:30am, giving ample time for any delays. Actual departure time was around 5:45am, I armed myself with a freshly brewed cup of coffee and I braced myself for the traffic I was about to face.

Travelling along the road, I reached the Hyatt carpark and checked the time… 6am!!! Ha! No traffic. Smooth sailing to my destination! Yay!

Anyways, being way to early to register for the conference, and now having some extra time to kill, I wandered over to the Breakfast Shed (an area located adjacent to the Waterfront, organised by the city, for the vendors to cook and sell a variety of local breakfast options) and finally decided on some Bake and Tomato Choka for my meal.

After enjoying my breakfast on sturdy wooden tables and benches, I took the opportunity to wander along the Waterfront, enjoying the cool atmosphere and peaceful sunrise with minimum persons in my vicinity. I am so glad things worked out like this; as it start my day out great, being calm and stress-free.

Below are some of my views… Enjoy 🙂