Yesterday was mom’s birthday! Happy birthday mommy!
We decided to spend the day together today, enjoying a massage and spa day!

For lunch we assessed our options New-to-me Restaurant: Wild Olive Bistro – JAN 2013 (#8)around the area and decided on: Wild Olive Bistro, in Price Plaza, Chaguanas (Central Trinidad).

It’s a place I’ve noticed recently but have never been, therefore this experience can also satisfy item #8 on my 30 Things in 2013 list: “Try a New Restaurant each Month”.

I’d heard mixed reviews about the place, but was really interested in seeing for myself. Plus, mom and I are Italian food lovers, so why not? And Oh wow!! I am so happy we went.


Yes the décor reminded me of the previous restaurant / bistro that was there – a cupcake place, but it still felt different. There was an outside area and an inside… we chose the inside and it was cozy and shared with only a couple of other patrons.

The food was wow. As first we couldn’t decide what we wanted. As they had some great choices, like pork, lamb, steak, chicken, salmon, shrimp, and many other kinds of seafood as well as different combinations.

We decided to go straight to the main course and narrowed it down by the meat/seafood we were ‘feeling for’. Mom chose a homemade or ‘made from scratch’ Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo and a side of House Salad, while I opted for the Salmon a la Veneciana with a side of Pasta in Alfredo Sauce.

Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo
House Salad
Salmon a la Veneciana with a side of Pasta in Alfredo Sauce

I’m usually the one who ends up with a ‘shrimp dish’ so decided I was going to change my choice this time. Yes I will admit that I did not read the description on the menu properly and just chose the salmon, so imagine my excitement and surprise when I saw shrimp combined in the meal. Oh what joy!

The food was delicious. A combination of spices and flavour that can open anyone’s appetite. And there was so much! We each got such a big plate of food that I had also enough for lunch the next day. [always a plus ;)]

And then!!!! They brought out a big slice of delicious chocolate cake for mom’s birthday!!! Yay!! Of course we made them sing 😉

My overall experience with the Wild Olive Bistro was 4.0 stars out of 5.

Thank-you to Shantel for making our visit as smooth and enjoyable as it was.